Templar II Associates: Jungle / Bush Warfare and Survival Training 

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Each candidate who attends and graduates from these courses will be presented a unique and inscribed "Jungle Machete"

Subjects Covered

Overcoming psychological challenges : survival instincts : survival techniques in a hostile environment : decision making under adverse conditions : getting lost : navigational techniques : night navigation : direction finding : rock climbing : rappelling : rope bridge crossing : knots : jungle shelters : actions on becoming lost overnight : indigenous customs : river crossings : fire making : finding and purifying water : tracking and anti-tracking : raft making : map reading : how to use a compass : back-bearings : personal hygiene : tropical medicine : water conservation : dealing with wild animals : trapping : negotiation techniques : rapid movement techniques : night noises.

Course Focus

Regardless of category, the courses offer basically the same ingredient . . . both individual self-reliance and the need to be able to work together as a team to overcome any situational or environmental adversity.  Candidates are also coached in being able to overcome any physical, mental or psychological blocks that might be an obstacle to allowing them to achieve their fullest potential. Detailed medical training is given to each candidate. Previous candidates who have attended the courses have described them as being nothing less than  "life changing".

Category of Groups:

Templar II Associates run jungle training courses for the following categories of civilians:

Disaster Relief Organizations

Outward Bound Courses

Adventure Training Courses

Jungle Survival and Immersion Courses

Team Building Courses

Corporate Clients

Commercial Airlines

Civilian Course Curriculum