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Courses For Government & Non-Government Aid, Exploration and Relief Agencies.

Templar II Associates specialize in providing Jungle Assimilation Training for the following Government and Non-Government Agencies:

Civilian Aid Agencies

Disaster Relief Agencies

Exploration Companies and organizations

Petroleum Exploration Teams

 Disaster Relief Training for Crews of Shipping Companies and Commercial Airline Companies


Courses Tailored Specifically for

Corporate Leadership, Youth Leadership and Team Consolidation programs. 

Courses for Corporate and Youth Leadership programs are tailored to specific customer needs.

TEMPLAR is proud to participate in the National Eagle Scout Association World Explorer Program 

Courses are also conducted on jungle safety and survival techniques for civilian groups and agencies as well as for tropical medicine for biomedical researchers.

An additional option for the military is for units to utilize our unique remote Jungle training facility to conduct their own specialist training using their own instructors. Individualized training courses, tailored for the specific needs of some units, are available on demand.

All medical training is conducted in partnership with a United States based company dedicated to medical training, tactical combat care and Delayed Casualty Evacuation



Intermediate ancillary medical training for small unit jungle and Africa specific deployments

Intermediate tropical medical training for small unit Jungle and Africa specific operations

Basic tropical medicine and tactical combat casualty care for operations carried out on the African continent

Intermediate and advanced  training for tactical combat operations and delayed casualty evacuation.

 Jungle / Bush Warfare and Africa Specific Unconventional Warfare Courses

Seven day Jungle warfare course with FTX inclusive of intermediate ancillary medical training.

Seven day "Africa Specific" unconventional warfare training, pseudo operations, gangs and counter-gangs and the employment of surrogate forces.

Seven day tribal culture, customs and traditions, the village system and social interaction amongst Africans.




 Templar II Associates: Jungle / Bush Warfare and Survival Training