Templar II Associates: Jungle / Bush Warfare and Survival Training 

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Tropical Medical Training, Specialized Instruction on Caring for the Seriously Injured , Trauma Care and  Evacuation techniques are conducted in partnership with a leading United States based company who specialize in Tropical Medicine and Caring for the Injured in Jungle Settings

    Government and Non-Government Aid Agencies


Specialized Jungle / African Bush Assimilation Training



To provide the staff of Government and non-Government Aid Agencies, Exploration & Relief Agencies, Petroleum  Exploration Teams and Employees of Shipping and Commercial Airline Companies with the knowledge, confidence, and skill sets, both mental, physical and physiological, to enable them to assume control and function for an extended period of time during either a planned or calamitous immersion into a jungle of African bush or rural environment


The course is focused on giving the skill sets necessary to allow civilian teams the ability to conduct themselves in a leadership role in a challenging jungle or African bush / rural environment for an extended period of time. The course focuses on both individual self-reliance and the need to work together as a team to overcome physical, mental and phsycological adversity in a jungle / African bush or rural setting. For the duration of the course, candidates are instructed on how best to use the considerable resources of the bush to best advantage.


Introduction: the jungle is neutral : physiological challenges : the "jungle / bush effect" : jungle / bush clothing & equipment : the survival mindset : decision making in the jungle and African bush: escape and evasion techniques : jungle and bush navigation techniques : precision navigating : day/night navigation : search patterns and formations : rapid movement techniques : temporary layup positions : establishing remain overnight positions : boxing around habitated areas : surveillance techniques : walking formations : village protocols and customs : water crossing with the injured : tracking and anti tracking : jungle noises : edible plants : fire making : raft making : shelters : dealing with wild animals : obtaining water : trapping : actions on becoming lost : signaling techniques : compass and map reading : indigenous customs : Overnight shelters ; shelter construction