PJ - Related Expertise from the United States
Special Operations Community

 In addition to its cadre of “Africa Specific” trainers in Unconventional Bush Warfare, Tropical Medicine and Combat Casualty Care, Templar has    two members on its team who formerly served with the United States Special Operations Community. Both men bring PJ-related skills and career experience relevant to customer needs and operational requirements.

Will Willis                                  Kurt Parson   


Winston Hart

 Winston Hart was a senior member of the Rhodesian Special Branch (Branch 2) and one of the principle Intelligence coordinators responsible for gaining and distributing real-time intelligence to enable the successful deployments of unconventional forces employed in the conduct of pseudo and surrogate forces.  He was instrumental in the formation and use of the MRM as a “proxy army” for Rhodesia to overthrow the FRELIMO Government of Mozambique. 

Jim Kerr

"Jungle Jim" Kerr is one of a small number of leading experts in jungle survival techniques and jungle warfare. Fluent in French, he is the former chief instructor of the highly acclaimed French Foreign Legion Jungle Training School in South America and has operational experience in equatorial Africa and Chad. In sharing his knowledge of jungle warfare, Jungle Jim emphasizes another vital aspect of operating in a jungle environment - the importance of the "Attitude of the Mind"

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Kit Bawden

Kit Bawden is an African born instructor with considerable experience combatting terrorism in Africa. Fluent in several indigenous African languages, he is as “at home” in the African bush as the tribesmen with whom he lived for many years. Kit is an expert on African wildlife and an expert on survival techniques in the African bush. He has spent 15 years combatting terrorism in Africa and is experienced in the so-called “Dark Phase" of psuedo operations and the use of surrogate forces. 


Chris Gough

Chris Gough is an African born citizen of the United States. He has considerable knowledge of the African bush and has extensive knowledge of both tracking and anti-tracking techniques. A veteran of the Rhodesiam bush war, he took part in the planning and execution of many operations carried out by the Selous Scouts. More recently, Chris has undertaken a number of assignments offering insightful instruction on Africa specific small-team operations and survival in an African bush environment. He currently conducts selected big game African Safaris for Nhorosafaris Pty Ltd. 

Tim Bax

Tim is the African born former second-in-command of the Reconnaissance Group of the Selous Scouts Regiment. He is experienced in the hugely successful concept of using "pseudo gangs",  "counter-gangs" and surrogate forces to neutralize terror groups in Africa and has lived and operated amongst the indigenous people of Africa for much of his life. He has an intimate knoledge and appreciation of African bush craft and tracking techniques. Tim is the author of several books of which his last, "Who Will Teach the Wisdom", is required reading at many prestigious learning institutions around the globe, including the State University of New York and the British "Joint Services Staff and Command College" in London. 

"Doc" Steve,  MD
With a previous US military background, “Doc” Steve served in the Rhodesian Army and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Rhodesia with a rotating clinical internship and U.S. ECFMG Certification in 1985.  He has 17 years of medical experience in Africa and was a NRC Senior Research Associate at Fort Detrick, MD., where he studied the pathology of the Ebola and Marburg viruses and participated in the training the U.S. Army Aeromedical Isolation Team.  He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the former Division of Operational Medicine at a leading US Medical school where he is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine.


Darrell Watt

Darrell Watt is a Rhodian born former member of the Rhodesian SAS with considerable experience in Unconventional Bush Warfare. There is no one who has a closer affinity with the African bush and wildlife, or has a keener eye for tracking and anti-tracking, than Darrell. His exploits in leading small, mobile and fast-moving teams to hunt down, close and eliminate terrorist groups during the Rhodesian bush war are documented in the bestselling book, “A Few Hard Men”. Darrell is an invaluable member of the TEMPLAR Team.